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Fresh Brew: Ruston Kelly

Our Fresh Brew of the week is Ruston Kelly! Ruston Kelly is a hot Nashville songwriter, who as it turns out, may be an even hotter artist. In the past few years, he has amassed an impressive catalog of cuts including tracks for Kenny Chesney, Josh Abbott Band, and Tim McGraw’s track “Nashville Without You.” Sure, Ruston… Read more »

AS OF: June 26, 2017

Fresh Brew: Harrison Brome

Our Fresh Brew of the week is Harrison Brome! Harrison Brome is the newest force making waves in the darker side of the bedroom pop and R&B scene. Born and raised in the gorgeous gloom of Vancouver, British Columbia, Brome has capsuled the pulse of his city, filtering it out in the form of sensual, sharp… Read more »

AS OF: June 19, 2017

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