Fresh Brew: Lillie Mae

Our Fresh Brew of the week is

Lillie Mae!

Lillie Mae released her first Third Man single, “Nobody’s” b/w “The Same Eyes,” in 2014 as part of their ongoing Blue Series. Discovered by the legendary Cowboy Jack Clement when playing with her family band The Rische’s (formerly Jypsi), comprised of sisters Amber-Dawn, Scarlett, and Grace, and brother Frank, the country outfit can often still be heard at the historic Layla’s Bluegrass Inn in Nashville.
Lillie Mae has also spent considerable time as a member of White’s crack touring and recording combo, playing fiddle and mandolin while also lending vocals to such tracks as “Temporary Ground,” from 2014’s LAZARETTO. She also joined White on fiddle and backing vocals for a special acoustic performance on A Prairie Home Companion with Chris Thile last October.

Lillie Mae released her latest album “Forever And Then Some” this April.


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