Fresh Brew: Harrison Brome

Our Fresh Brew of the week is

Harrison Brome!

Harrison Brome is the newest force making waves in the darker side of the bedroom pop and R&B scene. Born and raised in the gorgeous gloom of Vancouver, British Columbia, Brome has capsuled the pulse of his city, filtering it out in the form of sensual, sharp and somber songs. Despite his young age, it’s clear that Brome is wise beyond his years, having channeled his upbringing as a homeschooled teenager with a learning disability into a musical prodigy whose original tunes reflect the highs, lows, emotion and energy of youth.

Raised on the sounds of Motown, Bill Withers, Nina Simone, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, and others, Brome absorbed and learned how people attached themselves to records on a deeper level. His language is in the feeling: “To me it’s all about connecting, and figuring out what I’m trying to say without telling someone, but still getting the satisfaction of having people understand me.”

Spending the last couple of years crafting his self produced debut EP, Fill Your Brains, critics categorize Brome as James Blake-meets-The Weeknd, and have also compared him to crooners like Jai Paul and Mayer Hawthorne. He often samples his own vocals, building a harmony structure from his voice, with melodies and lyrics growing from his instinctive chord progressions. The EP’s familiar tracks “Fill Your Brains,” “Midnight Island,” “Pools,” and “Gambling Hearts” ride alongside newer songs “Sex Calls” and “Boy,” and together as a unit present a complete package highlighting Brome’s multiple talents. Fall in love with his distinct vocal range and dripping croon over the hazy production and tense, tight beats; vibe to the brooding, sexy gloom and tales of late night youth, lust and adventure.

Listen to The Fresh Brew: Harrison Brome playlist on Spotify HERE.

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