Judah & the Lion Release New Deluxe Album

Folk Hop N Roll includes 4 brand new songs & an acoustic version of “Take it All Back”!

Anthemic and wildly creative, Folk Hop N Roll is unlike anything else in modern music. It’s a rule-breaking record, with Judah & the Lion creating a sound that belongs entirely to them. From the earthy stomp of roots music to the bold bounce of hip-hop, Folk Hop N Roll casts a wide net, proof that Judah & the Lion – who are now four releases into their career – have developed quite the roar.

  • 1. Suit And Jacket
  • 2. Green Eyes
  • 3. Conversations
  • 4. Going To Mars
  • 5. Take It All Back 2.0
  • 6. Stockholm
  • 7. Graffiti Dreams

AS OF: March 11, 2017